Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom Furniture for Nendoroid, Cu-poche and Sylvanian Families

Here’s another miniature item sponsored by, thank you so much for these cute miniatures!

It’s a brand called Happy Family, a toy line originated from China which seemed to be more like Sylvanian Families or Calico Critters. I’m not really a collector of this line but If you’re not into a DIY thing and you want a room for your Nendoroid and Nendoroid Petites, then I think this one’s a great prop to try.

I also made a video featuring this product, including the links where you can purchase the set. Please watch my video:

To present these products, I made a cute bedroom with Sakura wallpaper. I will be doing a video on how I made the bedroom, so watch out for it. 🙂


The bed furniture can be assembled as a bunk bed or you can just set it up separately just like in the picture below.



I feel sad though that it’s not scaled to Nendoroid because it’s small but it’s perfect for Nendoroid Petites and Sylvanian Families Child. I took a photo of Nendoroid Kobato on it just for you to see if a Nendoroid can fit. See, it’s too small for them. 😦


Saber Nendoroid Petite in her pajama looks perfectly cute in this pink bedroom.


The dresser set which includes this study table is the perfect size for Nendoroid. Saber seems quite happy about it. ^_^


I remember buying this Sylvanian Families – Kindergarten Set just for the clothes. I thought it would fit my Nendoroid, but unfortunately, it didn’t. This is the first time I took them out for a picture.


The miniature bunk bed is perfect for them. So cute! ❤



That’s all for today guys! Watch out for new tutorials and toy photography this week!


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