Toy Story: A Sony Photography Workshop by Kixkillradio

Sony Philippines is the very first camera brand that organized a toy photography workshop in the country. It was also a great honor for me to be their instructor in Sony Digital Workshop that was held last August 15, 2015. Sony gave me an opportunity to experience Sony Alpha A7 Mark II for my toy/figure photography. And I was able to share them my amazing experience with the camera.


Look, mom, I’m on the Sony SDW website!! 😀 My family and friends had a good laugh when they saw my Kixkillradio DP on the Sony website. That was because I failed to send them portrait shots earlier this month. Before the workshop, they changed my display photo to a more sophisticated look. Haha. 😀 It’s an honor for me to be displayed on Sony website alongside top photographers and filmmakers in the country.

It was my first time conducting this training and I felt nervous and excited all the same time. Jv, Aby, and the rest of the Sony Philippines Digital Imaging group were very supportive of my work and helped me with the preparation as well. Not to mention, my boyfriend and my brother have helped me with all the things I needed for this workshop. My heartfelt thanks to those who have been a big part of it.

We arrived early at Sony headquarters to set up my diorama and saw two of my photos in large prints hanging on the ceiling of the room. I think it looks awesome in prints!

DSC01188There are 4 diorama sets I made for this event, the first one is Miku Hatsune’s Project Mirai bedroom, Japanese Home, Mako’s background set, and Attack on Titan simple background. DSC03276


While I have finished setting up the dioramas on the table. Sony employees displayed their Alpha cameras at the side table.

Another cool thing about it was they let the attendees use these cameras for the action demo, even those high-end alpha cameras.
They also printed some of my photos to be displayed! Wow! 😀


All setup!

DSC03307I haven’t done any workshops before so it’s basically a new experience for me especially since it was marketed and organized by a big camera company in the country. I haven’t attended any photography workshops/seminars in my life as I have only learned digital photography all by myself (thanks to google-sensei). I thank Jv for giving me a few tips in conducting a workshop.

This is it!11885097_10155909739055092_1036028577451697494_n

I felt nervous and I could feel my hands shaking as soon as the clock ticks to 1pm. It’s about to start.
DSC03321My nervousness turned to excitement as I tell them about this hobby. There was a certain joy inside me as I shared my experiences and ideas when I do toy photography. I think it’s really different when you are telling stories about your love for your hobby.
DSC03329Lighting 101: All DIY! 😀 DSC03342

DSC03344Teach them the camera settings I usually use and the framing.

There’s also an action demo after the presentation, in which they can take photos of the toys and diorama displayed on the table using the Sony Alpha cameras. Some of the attendees brought their own toys and took creative shots as well. Check out #SonyToyPhotography #SonyAlpha hashtags in Instagram and Facebook. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノDSC01216






Even the boss of Sony Philippines came to join us and took some photos of his favorite, Attack on Titan.

With fellow toy collectors S.H.Figuarts Philippines
With Sony Alpha Users group
From our Nendoroid Philippines family. Special shout out to members of Figure Shutters Guild who made it to the workshop. 





 Attendees were able to get their Certificate of Attendance, signed by yours truly. 😀

Giving out the certificates to the attendees.
11863485_1047358275283810_3323370817395023775_n (1)
Photo by Jv Ruanto of SonyPhInc

It was a wonderful experience to be able to teach fellow hobbyists about my love for toy photography and even introduced some to my toy collections. It was great to meet new people and familiar faces from the Alpha users group, SHFiguarts Philippines, Nendoroid Philippines (Figure Shutters Guild), and Toy Photography group. K-zone, an anime and toys magazine in the Philippines was also present at the event.

Thanks to Sony Philippines for this amazing experience! Thank you, everyone! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Toy photography is a passion. You will imagine yourself in your toy’s tiny world, just peeking into their lives, capturing their moment. It can be something dramatic, happy, comedy, or anything in between. It’s up to you. There’s no secret to getting a nice figure photo, just be creative, experiment, love your craft and have fun. If you love what you do and if it makes you happy, do your best to be good at it.

*Photos by: Jesper Ochoa and Ronald Abril


7 Comments Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    Good morning Kixkill Sensei! (*^▽^)/

    Good that your nervousness only lasted for a short time, I think it’s awesome to have such an opportunity with support from Sony. Showing others why you do these things and giving helpful informations with these kind of photography. Good job.

    Haha I also noticed the Nendoroid face on the “Trainers” page, that was so cool ;D
    But its probably better to have a picture of the real person for this purpose.

    If I lived nearby I would have definetely joined

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Hi Wieselhead! I am really grateful for this opportunity and share our passion to people. I think of all of you who have inspired me in this hobby whenever I share my experience to people. 🙂

  2. Nendoroidoodads says:

    Congrats it looked super fun wish I could go, too far away though!!
    I also had a giggle when the little hakase picture was there next to all the fancy shots :3

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Buy a plane ticket and come over here! haha. ^_^ Thanks Myra!

      1. Nendoroidoodads says:

        one day!!!!

  3. Dante says:

    Wow, I’ve been following your site as well as your photos on Myfigurecollection and you are a big inspiration to my diorama work. I am so happy to read that your nerves turned to excitement once you got to talking about your hobby 🙂

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Thank you so much for checking up the site from then up until now. I feel happy to know that I’ve been an inspiration to fellow toy/figure collector like you. ❤
      I am not really much of a talker in person, in fact I'm a little shy. Thanks to this hobby that I was able to meet new friends, talk with other races and being able to inspire others. It was really fun. 🙂

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