Nendoroid Dressing Up Series

It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been preoccupied with personal matters. Life is simply beautiful and I found love.

Of course, new figures piled up on my shelf and I’m wondering which one will be my next subject. It’s been raining every afternoon, and I ended up just drinking coffee while daydreaming.

One day, I decided to dress up again my nendoroid using my doll’s dresses. I think nendoroids look really adorable with fabric clothing. Kotobukiya has stepped up and started making dresses for their Cu-poche, I hope Good Smile Company will do the same.

Saber Lily Dresses Up.

This was taken on a Sunday, on my hopes of cheering up someone.


 Miku in the Garden

Inspired by Mikuzukin – Hatsune Miku by Max Factory



Saber Kindergarten

Back to School theme featuring Nendoroid Petite Saber from the Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Petite set.




Wo-chan in Autumn

Here’s what she’s up to when there’s no battle at sea.

Eating Taiyaki.



That’s all for now. Hopefully, new photos this week! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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