Video: How to Make a Miniature Cherry Blossom Tree

Spring is here!

I made a video tutorial on how to make a miniature Sakura-inspired tree for figure photos, scaled to Nendoroid and Cu-poche figures.


I used the miniature tree in my recent figure shoots, Cu-poche Photography Hanami.

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I hope it gave you idea on how to make a miniature Sakura tree for Spring theme photos. Do it in a way that is much easier for you. 😉

I’ll see you on my next post, hopefully another Spring themed photos before my vacation.



    1. You’re welcome. ^^
      Sometimes doing “how to” needs a lot of work and time I think. That’s why I can’t make a tutorial on how I make particular sets because I make my props whenever I feel like and randomly. Mostly, trial and error thing. 😀
      But I’m glad I was able to share this idea for the Spring.

      Thanks for checkin’ out the video! I really appreciate it 🙂

  1. nice one, hope you make a tutorial about how to make miniature shrine CUZ, I’m looking for build that diorama

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