A Heartfelt Thank You

With so much happiness and love, I am thanking everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Thank you to all who took time to send me texts, Facebook messages, and made Birthday-inspired figure photos.


Friends from community even made Birthday-themed photos, and that’s what I’m going to share today. ^_^

Etienne Denys from France took this photo of Super Sonico and even made birthday hat for her to celebrate my birthday. Super Sonico is so cute!

Etienne Denys

Li An took this photo of Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka. I would love Madoka to join in the fun.


Dark Magician Girls in their super charming pose to send me birthday wishes. This one is from Koizumi Itsuki.



Miku is running late to send these balloons and cake for my birthday. Love the props Fern used.

I heard the Happy Birthday song, it was wonderfully played by Nendoroid Wakana Sakai and sung by Sheryl Nome. Thanks to Atipong S.

10013743_707852902599647_2043319528_n animaster

Comrade from instagram, animaster sent his birthday wishes through a beautiful idol. So kawaii. ❤

Nyaruko-chan also showed her superb cuteness, thanks to avalonexa from instagram!
avalonexaDaniel Pettersson

I would also like to thank my friends in Google+, Kobato is sharing those yummy cakes with me. Thanks to Daniel Petersson.
Michael Huttner

Michael Huttner sent this yummy-looking Chestnut Mont Blanc. I wish I can taste it though. Haha.
Mixemirai Meiko

Madoka, Erio and Menma did a great job sending me their birthday wishes. They even made those little props and banners. Thank you  Mixemirai Meiko.

Lin and Ren made some cake for me! Kawaiiii! Thanks to Nikicorny.

Figma Miku also made a birthday banner for me. Thank you Sebastian Michaelis.Sebastian Michaelis Sh3rli

I don’t know what’s written on the banner, but I’m sure it’s about birthday. Miku sure knows how to cheer one up on special day. This is made by one of figure photographers in Indonesia, sh3rli. Thank you <3.

1656200_10151900474715672_1389557496_n (1)

Paul David also took this photo of Max Factory’s amazing piece Belldandy (My dream figure) to greet me for my birthday.

Last but not the least, Shinji Ikari of Google+ sent me a big birthday wishes through the amazingly cute Miku Dayo. Hehe.

Shinji Ikari

My birthday is supposedly just an ordinary day but with all the birthday greetings and well wishes, made it very special and memorable. Thank you very much!

Photocards giveaway is still on going, so if you like to get some make sure to head on to my Facebook page to join the fun.



9 Comments Add yours

  1. elZephon says:

    I’m really glad you like it my photo! 😀
    I hope one day I too receive many photo for my birthday ahaha! ^_^ I love this community! ❤

  2. el Zephon says:

    I’m really glad you like it my photo! 😀
    I hope one day I too receive many photo for my birthday ahaha! I love this community!

  3. Tian says:

    omg that Mikudayo shot…

    I sooooo regret not preordering a Mikudayo 😦

  4. bertman4 says:

    Banner Miku is holding up reads “Happy Birthday”.

  5. bertman4 says:

    The banner Miku is holding up reads “Happy Birthday”. And sorry I missed it. I didn’t see it pop up on G+ notifications.

  6. Shinji Ikari says:

    My Mikyudayo is happy to be on your blog ^^
    And i am happy you liked her 🙂

  7. wieselhead says:

    Oh awesome, so much nice effort from your fans and friends

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