Saber Alter – Vortigern

My next photo set is Saber Alter Vortigern, it is 1/7 scale figure by Good Smile Company. I have this figure for so long and I just unboxed her last night.  I missed having it pre-ordered until My Japanese Hobby sent me a message that one of his customers cancelled the order so I happily took it. I bought it a little more than $100 and she is all worth it.

There is something about Saber Alter that makes me want to buy her. I currently own her figma and nendoroid petite as well. I like how badass she looks by her dark armor.

In this figure, its magnificent slashing pose and eyes are intense that you can see the dark energy within her and yet she is still beautiful.











I also photographed Saber Alter Max Factory Figma and Nendoroid Petite.



I hope you like this set of Saber Alter figure photos.
I’ll see you on my next post! ^_^


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  1. scherzelle says:

    Wooo! Great lighting! She looked so fierce! Third shot is my favorite! 🙂

    1. sheng says:

      That shot is looking right at you. That Saber’s look gives me the chills. Wohow.
      I’ve been playing with the lighting for an hour before I finally got it right. ^_^

  2. Wieselhead says:

    I like your pictures with the hellish lighting, it suits the figure very well ^^
    She’s a very cool figure, the psycho eyes are something interesting.

    hehe even a psycho Saber Nendoroid 😛

    1. sheng says:

      Woah Wieselhead! Glad to see you here and I’m happy you liked my work. I’ve been lurking on your website for a while now. I really admire how you guys photograph your scale figures. >_<
      Yes that Saber Alter eyes are wicked and the visor looks really cool on her.

      1. Wieselhead says:

        Oh Im a celebrity? *blush* I found your blog thx to your great pictures with Haruka ^_^

  3. Edgar Seyton says:

    Those are great shots! I was totally caught off guard by the nendo version at the end – it made me laugh. The pink hair-highlights in the third shot are the best but my favorite is the second shot. Wonderful job! : D

    1. sheng says:

      That nendoroid saber alter has crazy eyes too. Haha. 😀
      Thank you very much for the nice feedback! ^^

  4. Mikeh says:

    Awesome shots. So fantastic to have a photographer of your (Ex)caliber in my G+ circles ^^

    1. sheng says:

      Thank you Mikeh, it’s great to be part of G+ too. \(^▽^*)

  5. Tian says:

    Cool set! The stark red light works well with the figure and her sword. The backdrop looks suitably hellish.

    1. sheng says:

      It’s always a great challenge for me to do an indoor photography of scale figures, having Saber Alter a dark character helped me design a hellish look backdrop. >_<
      I am so happy that you enjoyed this set.

  6. NY Otaku says:

    Amazing photos! The lighting & backdrop makes Saber look really intense, Love it!

    1. sheng says:

      Thanks for the love NyOtaku! ^_^

  7. darkandchoco says:

    The eyes alone tell everything.. very fierce! Nice background! Great photos again! =3 Continue to inspire people! 😀

    1. sheng says:

      Thank you bro! ^_^

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