Cu-Poche Haruka Amami Photography

A lovely afternoon with Haruka Amami.

Which one looks better?

Thank you and see you on my next post!



    1. Hi Tian! Thanks for linking back these posts on your website.
      I feel very happy that many people like my photos including you. I had fun taking her pictures, she’s really cute. Cu-Poche is a promising figure, I hope they will release more characters soon. ^_^

  1. Is it true that you can substitute the faceplates (and hairpieces) from nendoroids to cu-poche?
    I’m really interested in buying one as I’ve got enough nendos to mix-and-match now 😀

    Thanks again for the cute and vibrant photos!
    The 4th pic is too “kwela”, if you know what I mean 🙂

    1. I tried to put Yui’s face on her, it fits but not perfectly. I’m going to show pictures of it soon once I get a free time again 😉

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