Nendoroid Photography Tips and Tricks: Remove the Stands

I’m getting a lot of question about how I made my Nendoroid stand without using their stands. Sometimes the stands are getting in the way to come up with the composition you are aiming for.

Years ago, one figure photographer that I’m following suggested to “remove the stands” and “cut off the grass” when taking pictures.   Until then, I tried to avoid using them in my photo shoot. However, it is really difficult to balance the Nendoroid with its big head and tiny feet by using pins or wires. So there are times that I still use its stand (without the base) and look for the right angle for it not to be obviously seen in the picture.

Last December, I saw this ornament hook wire in the department store and thought it’d be perfect for my Nendoroid.

704486_10151206010442655_298867684_oI used this ornament hook wire in some pictures of Super Sonico, BRS and DM New Year’s pictures and Christmas Themed photos last December. If you don’t have this kind of wire, you can also use bobby pins or paper clips.

Below are some pictures which I used  “ornament hook wire” to stand them up. The main key for balancing Nendoroid is patience. If you don’t have time and patience then I suggest not to do any of this.

Sometimes I get annoyed too especially when I couldn’t take pictures the way I want. Nendoroid tends to fall down a LOT. If your Nendoroid isn’t lucky enough, it may leave a scar on your precious figure. It happened to me twice, leaving Mio and BGS an awful scar. 😦



If I don’t have time to spare, I still use their stands. I try to hide them in my props (Picture 3 & 4 of Sonico) and set up the camera setting to aperture f2.5 or f3 or if it’s obviously visible, you can photoshop it.

You can always look for different angles on your photos, and pick that one that doesn’t show much of the stand. Take a look at the picture below:

If you look closely, you can see Azunyan’s stand attached underneath her skirt.

UPDATE (Christmas 2013)

Btw, here’s how I stand my Nendoroid this time. Blu-Tack and thin wire (ornament hook wire) is a great combo. Of course, you have to secure the Blu-tack behind or underneath the skirt and balance. Blu-tack is also available on hardware stores and comes in with different colors. Always wash the Blu-tack residue every after shoot.


I always use thin wire because it’s easier to remove in Photoshop.

Try to do it on your end, just make sure that you are ready to take that risk on your Nendoroid.

Nendoroid without the stands makes a big difference on your photography.

It also breaks my heart when awful things happen to my figures but for me, you might be missing a lot of wonderful experience if you haven’t taken your toys out and play with it. 😉

Have fun shooting!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. NY Otaku says:

    This is clever! The stands can definitely get in the way when trying to take a pic. I’ll have to give this a try if I get around to doing a nendoroid photoshoot sometime.

    1. sheng says:

      will look forward to see your nendoroid photos ^_^

  2. 赤信号 says:

    Wahaha I hide my stands the same way..using the angle. Could give a try for the hooks sometime though..and I feel the pain of falling Nendoroids too..happened to me plenty of times =(

  3. Awesome technique! 🙂 Do you wrap the wires around their body?

    1. sheng says:

      I don’t usually wrap the wire around the body. I usually form a Z or U and then put it somewhere under the skirt or torso. I wish there’s another easy way though 😀

  4. I love the 2nd photo’s back view.

  5. maustark says:

    This is a good idea, now that i’m exploring photography with my nendoroids, some stands are way to big and make the photo plain and with no expression

  6. Jee says:

    Oh, thank you! You just saved my life. I have two Sonicos and it was a pain to stand them as they kept falling down so I was relly happy to find this tutorial!

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