Goodbye 2012, Welcome New Year


Looking back on what happened in 2012, the year gave me that bittersweet feeling.

I am happiest and yet became the loneliest.

The saddest time in my life was when my Dad had a stroke in August. The stroke severely  damaged his left part of brain. He may not be as healthy as before but Dad being with us right now is something I am thankful for.

Despite of my lowest times, I tried to keep myself up and focus on positive aspects of life.  In 2012, I’ve made new friends and met new people. I brought home 4 figure prizes in the contests I joined Internationally.  I watched one of my fave bands of all time – Death Cab for Cutie on my birthday.  I also went to Updharmadown’s gig last month. I enjoyed these shows even though I don’t have someone special to spend with. But yeah it was fun.

Last summer I went travelling with cousins and few of my best friends to Bicol. That was a fun and relaxing experience.  I’m looking forward to my next destination on Summer 2013.

Among the best highlights related to my hobby are’s interview,  TokyoOtakuMode’s invitation as a creator/special user in their website and Kotobukiya’s  Cupoche to be in my figure photo list in the future.

The rest of the days are just typically normal but extra ordinary. Nothing beats the feeling  when you see your family everyday, meet your friends occasionally, you have a work that you love and see the sunrise every morning while drinking coffee.  Priceless.

Thank you 2012, welcome 2013. Cheers to another chapter with love, friendship, travel, wealth, happiness, good health and great experiences!


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