kixkillradio in Tokyo Otaku Mode

I got an email last week from Tokyo Otaku Mode inviting me to be their website’s special creator where I can share my works worldwide and have them featured on the website.  I am pleased to be part of Tokyo Otaku Mode, a global distributor of Japanese otaku culture (anime, manga, illustrations, cosplay, etc.) and the largest anime/manga-related page on Facebook and the largest Facebook page in Japan which has about 6 million fans. They are currently working on their website so watch out for it.

Please do check out my first post in Tokyo Otaku Mode:


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  1. アドリアナ says:

    I liked your photos so much I had to watch the anime❢ It is so cute❣ I an anime marathon of it this morning hahaha! Thanks for taking awesome photos and sharing them with us!!!

    1. sheng says:

      I’m so happy that you like them! It’s one of my fave anime.. 😀
      Thank you for dropping by, will try to do more cute pictures when new figures arrive. ^__^

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