kixkillradio in Tokyo Otaku Mode

I got an email last week from Tokyo Otaku Mode inviting me to be their website’s creator/special user where I can share my works worldwide and have them featured on the website.  I am pleased to be part of Tokyo Otaku Mode, it  is a global distributor of Japanese otaku culture (anime, manga, illustrations, cosplay, etc.) and the largest anime/manga related page on Facebook and the largest Facebook page from Japan which has about 6 million fans. They are currently working on their website so watch out for it.  ^_^

Please do check out my first post in Tokyo Otaku Mode:



  1. I liked your photos so much I had to watch the anime❢ It is so cute❣ I an anime marathon of it this morning hahaha! Thanks for taking awesome photos and sharing them with us!!!

    1. I’m so happy that you like them! It’s one of my fave anime.. 😀
      Thank you for dropping by, will try to do more cute pictures when new figures arrive. ^__^

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