Top Prize for Monthly Pixel Challenge and New Hauls

Post office clerk sent me on Tuesday (May 29, 2012) ,

“Ma’am you have mail, you can claim it now. Bring valid ID and Php 40.”

It’s no doubt that it’s the prize for Hobby Frontier’s Monthly Pixel Challenge last April.

As soon as I claimed the package, I was unsatisfied on how the package was poorly handled in shipping. The box itself has a huge dent. I was worried about the figure so as soon as I got to the car, my brother and I opened the box and check if Nessa is okay. The box inside has few dents, good thing the figure is safe.

I’d like to thank Hobby Frontier for the great opportunity and winning the top prize. 1/8 scale Nessa  of Fractale by Good Smile Company is a good catch.  Will be posting pictures of her soon.

Meanwhile, I also received my haul for the month which is Nendoroid Petit Detective Conan and New Type Magazine with Puchi Saber swimsuit version last Friday.

I’m excited to play with my new babies. I’m still thinking of a new concept for toy photography.  Got any ideas to share?



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  1. darkandchoco says:

    Yeah shipping most of the time sucks, they don’t take care of the package, many times I’ve received my shipped Gunpla kit like it was from a trash can XD Well anyway the important thing is the product inside is in good condition, although some collectors, especially figure collectors, like their boxes in tip top shape too! XD

    Congratulations on winning the top prize =3 Hmm.. how about…. a beach party! :)))))))

  2. 赤信号 says:

    Ohh Nessa! She was really pretty and made me consider for a moment whether to get her or not..but I refrained so now I gotta look at your pictures. =3 Congratulations again!!! XD

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