Miku Hatsune VN02 Mix


I’m not really good at figure reviews, but I still love taking their pictures.  Maybe you have noticed that most of my shots are outdoor, bringing out the beauty of figure in the scenery and I’m relying to natural light for lighting. Well this time, I tried to do it indoor. I’ve been checking out Happy Soda, Tentacle Armada and Kodomut’s website for inspiration and tips.

I can say that these aren’t the best shot of all my works but most of my friends said it was great. I know I can do better and improve. Their support, constructive criticism and nice comments inspired me to do more and I’m not stopping here.  Miku Hatsune VN02 is the first 1/8 scale figure that I acquired and I’m still planning to do a re-shoot in the future.


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