Yotsuba Summer DX Part 1

We went to the park last week to go Cicada hunting..

She has full of energy that morning. She was enjoying the view of the park. It’s her first time after all.

She climbed a tree for a full view of a man-made lake with fishes! (But to be honest I didn’t see one that day)

“Look what I’ve got!”, she said.

What a big catch!

She got tired and decided to have a break. This picture is nostalgic, I somehow remember my old days.

She went on for a walk.

and found herself looking at the big rocks surrounded by the lake. She saw lilies..

“Hey, I’ll take your picture. Say cheese!” I said.

She looks adorably cute.

More pictures of Yotsuba with her extra faces coming soon. ^_^


One Comment Add yours

  1. skonryu says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! wak mo ilapit sakin iyan >_____<

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