DIY Dollhouse Kit – Miniature Greenhouse “Cathy’s Flower House”

Today, I’m showing you a new dollhouse kit I received from Robotime. It’s from their DIY houses series, Cathy’s Flower House. Since it’s a dollhouse kit, you will have to build pre-assembled items on your own. It also comes with a manual which contains all the instruction from building the house, furniture, flowers to LED light installation.

I remember seeing this in Banggood and I really wanted this kit for my Nendoroid, Cu-poche and toy photography.  Thanks to Robotime for sending me this kit. ❤

2017-06-16 03.01.01 1 (1)

Watch the video how I made the dollhouse kit here:

Aside from the miniature furniture and the greenhouse, I also made tons of miniature flowers. These are printed flowers provided by the kit for you to cut out, fold and create.


Everything is detailed and I wanted to make sure that I made it right. (I know I’m being OCD again 😀 )


I love how the flowers look so real.


Patience is the key to finish all these. I recommend to take your time and enjoy every bit of it.



At night, the greenhouse looks very well lit and realistic.


I feel like I want to enter in this tiny greenhouse and look around it.


In the morning, I set up the dollhouse outside our garden and took some pictures.

A little bit of sunshine in your greenhouse.



By looking at the right angle and composition, you can get a picture of this dollhouse that looks real.




A Nendoroid can fit inside the greenhouse only if you put her inside first before attaching the house frame to the floor. I envy my Nendoroid, the little one enjoys the lovely view inside the greenhouse.

Someone’s tending the flowers ❤


Oh! It’s Nendoroid Miho Azuki of ‘Bakuman’.


I’m in a hurry so I only took a few pictures. I’ll try to re-arrange the greenhouse for toy photography and will share some.


BUY this dollhouse kit at Robotime’s webshop:
Their webshop offers Free Shipping Worldwide promo so make sure to avail it now!
UK Amazon:
USA Amazon:

**Filmed with Sony A6300 / Shot with Sony A6500 + FE f2.8 Macro OSS



  1. Oh wow someone really put some thought into this model kit, it’s so elaborately designed, it’s not just “cheap” plastic ^^. I like gardening and plants, so this kit is quite appealing to me.
    Judging from the video (with the always nice music 😉) it takes quite some time to build.
    The result looks lovely and I also like the realistic looking paper plants 😊

    1. One of my fave in creating videos is choosing the right music, glad you enjoyed it too. ❤ The dollhouse kit is a lot of work, it was also in this project that I accidentally cut my finger. It's quite deep and quite bled a lot. Had to apply pressure and soak it with ice cold water to stop the bleeding. The first ever injury in my history of making dio/rooms. It was hard filming with a band-aid on a finger so I removed it at the last part and it still hurts by the time I put them all together. Even with what happened, I still loved doing the things that I love. I'm happy that the dollhouse turned out really pretty and the video got lots of YouTube views. 😉 😀 ❤

    1. Thank you. It’s all good now and it healed completely. I think I overworked that day because I was too eager to finish it, I was really excited to put it all together. Despite it all, it’s still fun to build this greenhouse. It was delightful to see it with my Nendoroids. My hands are ready with your next dollhouse and looking forward to it, I promise I’ll be careful next time. ^_^

  2. Your greenhouse turned out so well! I just ordered the kit for myself and after watching your video I can’t wait to start on it! Where did you purchase the grass that you used for outside of the greenhouse? It looks so realistic!

  3. Would you please help me? I ordered the kit and my directions are not in English. The company wants me to mail my kit back and they will send out a new one. I’d like to just ask if someone wwho has reviewed the kit would email me the English directions. Thanks so much for considering, Mica from philly

  4. Hi, I just bought this to build in China and unfortunately the manual that came with it is in Chinese. Any chance you could share the English version of the manual with me?

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